An Australian robot is set to take on tradies the world over, after building a three-bed, two-bath, 180-square-metre home in less than three days.

Built by ASX-listed Perth company Fastbrick Robotics (FBR), the Hadrian X machine recently successfully completed a series of tests, proving it was capable of complying with various building requirements.

Once these tests were completed, the robot was free to build its first full-home structure, which it completed within the allocated three-day time period.

In a statement, FBR chief executive Mike Pivac called the build a “world-first milestone” for the company.

“We now have the world’s only fully automated, end-to-end bricklaying solution, with a massive market waiting for it,” he said.

Now, the company is considering learning from the Hadrian X program and making amendments ahead of another demonstration for commercial stakeholders.

It will then embark on a global commercialisation strategy, to capitalise on demand for “this disruptive and game-changing technology”, Pivac said.

“What we have achieved here is a quantum leap for the construction industry,” he added.

“This points to the massive potential for the technology and FBR’s ability to shape the way the construction industry operates in the future.”

According to a Business Insider report, shares in the robotics company soared by 27% after this news was announced.

The Aussie company also has a collaboration agreement in place with US construction machinery giant Caterpillar, which Business Insider reports has made a $2 million investment in the company.